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Merry Christmas everyone and all the hoboXpolly fans :D I'm really happy to see the group growing and let this be a lovley christmas for everyone and happy new year :D
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Unexpectedly: Chapter 9
Unexpectedly: Chapter 9
"You know what, Apollo?" Asked his friend.
"Yeah, Tom?" He asked back.
"We'll be friends forever, right?"
Apollo punched him in the shoulder. "Now you sound like a girl."
They laughed as they dangled their legs over the edge of the pier, their toes grazing the muddy water's surface. The day was warm, the breeze was pleasant, and Gourdy was nowhere to be found.
"Yeah." He suddenly said.
"Yeah, what?" Asked Tom.
"I would like that." Said Apollo, "The friends forever thing…"
Tom smiled, then stood up.
"Well, my friend, you'll have to wait a little longer on that promise."
Apollo was confused. "What? I don't understand… Tom?"
His friend was gone.
"So… I just put on these glasses and I can see blood?" Asked Gumshoe as he inspected the funny pink glasses his teacher had given to him.
Ema nodded enthusiastically. "Yep! If any visible blood was wiped away, we'll be
:iconsakura-sbodyguard:Sakura-sBodyGuard 9 9
Unexpectedly: Chapter 8
Unexpectedly: Chapter 8
Miles Edgeworth, a man missing from known society for almost eight years, ducked under the bright yellow police tape as he made his way to his first case.
This was his new life, and he would do what was right.
The first thing he noticed was the familiar tangy, metallic smell that hit his nose. Miles rounded the corner to see the source.
Blood. A lot of it. There was a large amount of it on the floor just in front of the door to what he assumed to be the kitchen. The door was covered as well.
The blood was smeared on either side of the puddle. He could make out what could almost be called claw marks in the red, accompanied by finger and handprints.
There was no outline for the body. Whoever was lying here didn’t die.
“Good,” He said to himself, breathing out. “A survivor.”
The small restaurant was crawling with police, but one in particular was missing.
“Where is he?” Miles mumbled to himself as he looked around. He could
:iconsakura-sbodyguard:Sakura-sBodyGuard 9 40
Unexpectedly: Chapter 7
Unexpectedly: Chapter 7
Phoenix was sitting in the same uncomfortable plastic chair he had sat in many times, but both he and it were over eight years younger.
At least he was in better shape than it was…
The girl across from him, a pane of bullet proof glass between them, was chewing her bottom lip nervously. Phoenix knew two things about her:
One, her name was Julia Akiharu.
Two, she would be on trial for murder in the morning.
The victim, circumstances, murder weapon… he didn’t know any of these things.
But he was about to find out.
“So, Julia. Why don’t you tell me what happened?” He asked casually, leaning back.
The blonde brought her hand to her mouth and looked anywhere but at him. “I…I’m not too sure myself. I was… knocked out.”
The man sat up. “Knocked out?”
She nodded. “I… remember what happened before, though… if that will help.”
“It’s a start. If you go through your thought
:iconsakura-sbodyguard:Sakura-sBodyGuard 6 16
Unexpectedly: Chapter 6
Unexpectedly: Chapter 6
“So, you want to learn more about forensics,” Said Ema Skye to the man that had unexpectedly joined her at the small table outside a café, “Mr.… what was it again?”
“Gumshoe… Dick Gumshoe.” Said the scruffy man.
“Right, the detective who worked for Mr. Edgeworth.” She said with a smile.
Gumshoe scratched the back of his head. “I still work for him…” He mumbled.
“Anyway, I’d love to teach you what I know! I’ve always wanted an apprentice since Mr. Wright took on Apollo.”
Dick was happy she accepted him, but paused at the name. “A Polo?” He asked.
“Apollo Justice. You know, the not so new kid on the defense block. He’s quite scientifically minded, from what I’ve seen.” She explained, leaning forward in her seat to retrieve her bag of crunchy snacks. She popped the new bag open. “Mr. Edgeworth better leave the prosecuting to that glimm
:iconsakura-sbodyguard:Sakura-sBodyGuard 6 11
Unexpectedly: Chapter 5
Unexpectedly: Chapter 5
Phoenix walked back to the office, his hands fisted in his pockets. Klavier had talked him in circles for the past forty-five minutes, and he was tired of it.
He let out a frustrated sigh. It was like Klavier was keeping him from going to the agency. He thought it was strange when the rock star had hastily pulled him away, but the blonde was a bit strange to begin with, so he dismissed it as his own paranoia.
Frankly, Phoenix didn’t want to hear another word out of the singer for a long time.
It was almost noon when he made it back. He made his way inside and found the lights in the main room had been turned off.
“That’s strange…” He whispered to himself. Trucy should have opened the office hours ago. He reached to flick the switch when his daughter peeked out of the backroom and shook her head violently.
He stopped and gave her a questioning look. She extended a white gloved finger towards the couch.
Apollo was stretched out on h
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Unexpectedly: Chapter 4
Unexpectedly: Chapter 4
I’m such a coward…
Apollo was currently curled up on the small bed in his apartment, his face buried in a pillow. Night had fallen and he had yet to change out of his red suit. Honestly, Apollo didn’t want to move at all.
He hiccupped. “I can’t believe I’m crying about this…”
I feel stupid… why did I react like that? It’s not like Mr. Wright is some kind of criminal or anything…
The only time Apollo had ever used his ability was in court, and what he found through it was lies.
Always lies…
Just the thought of Mr. Wright lying to him made his stomach tie in knots. What reason would he have to lie to him? Was it something he did himself? Was it his fault?
He pulled his arm up and stared at the bracelet, its golden eyes staring back. It had tightened so much then that it had physically hurt. He moved it up a little and noticed his wrist beneath it was darkening into a bruise. Mr. Wrig
:iconsakura-sbodyguard:Sakura-sBodyGuard 4 21
Unexpectedly: Chapter 3
Unexpectedly: Chapter 3
“So Mr. Wright likes someone…” Apollo repeated in a whisper.
Trucy sighed and readied her own chopsticks. “I just wish he would tell them. It’s distracting him more and more now.” She said, keeping their conversation very soft.
Her brother frowned a little, “He does seem really lonely lately.”
She secretly smiled to herself. So Polly’s noticed, too, hmm? And he’s concerned. She mentally tallies two more points.
The next thing that Apollo said surprised her. “Trucy…”
She turns to him, “Yeah, Polly?” He was staring at his plate, still untouched.
“Is…” He began, but paused. When he looked up, an unsure, sad expression was on his usually confident face. His eyes were flooded with concern. “Is there something I can do for him?”
That was unexpected.
“Hmmm… I’m not sure. I mean, you don’t even know who he likes-“
“I don’t have to
:iconsakura-sbodyguard:Sakura-sBodyGuard 5 11
Unexpectedly: Chapter 2
Unexpectedly: Chapter 2
“So I’ve been working for you for two years now?” He said, walking between the two. They were going to his favorite restaurant for lunch, Ni Hao, and were about three blocks away.
Phoenix turned and smiled, “That’s right. To the day.”
Apollo looked down. “That means Mr. Gavin has been in prison for two years, too.”
The older man sighed. “You shouldn’t worry about Kristoph anymore, Apollo. His incarceration is simply a consequence for the crimes he’s committed.”
“…and because of me.” The brunette mumbled.
Apollo was stopped by a hand on his shoulder. Mr. Wright whirled him around to face him.
“Look.” He said sternly, holding his brown eyes with a blazing glare, “You are not at fault. You served truth and justice to him that he wholly deserved. He killed two men and framed me for forging evidence which, in turn, made me lose almost everything.”
Apollo swallowed. &
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Welcome to ApolloXPhoenix
Here to always serve Justice and pudding!

Applying should be absolutely FREE! Except maybe an extra pay to the Agency, but that's just because Trucy needs her lunch. Otherwise, no need to worry about writing in a request, just click join, you're in! Welcome!

Submissions are welcome and accepted! We'd love to see your Nick/Polly stuff!

GUIDELINES:not so much

:bulletred: Make sure to thank and love shikatemalover for founding this group.
:bulletblue: Love the Hobo.
:bulletred: Love the parrot.
:bulletblue: Love the Phoenix/Apollo
:bulletred: Pay for Trucy's lunch.
:bulletblue: No haters up in this here joint.
:bulletred: Comment and fav works and show your love~

  • Post, Post, post! Every contribution is a contribution and PHOENIX/APOLLO NEEDS MORE LOVE I TELL YOU. So please! Anything!
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    • Whatever else is Hobo/Polly related, kthx.

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good luck :D i wish u a marry christmas and a happy new year
shikatemalover Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2010  Student
good luck :D i wish u a marry christmas and a happy new year
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good luck :D i wish u a marry christmas and a happy new year
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